22.April.2016 [universal growth]


Happy Friday. Happy Earth Day. & Happy Full Moon.

Presenting… My Official First Blog Post.

Today, the 22nd of April we celebrate our amazing Mother Earth,  Luna Moon, and my daughter being ten months earth side. Lets just say, all the feels + vibes have arisen.

An informal introduction is appropriate.

Queen. Ma. Ajhana

California. East Bay. Oakland

Culture. Sisterhood. Tribes

Soul. Conscious. Creator

Lover. Light. Levitate

Ok. Now that you’ve received the basics here’s the reason behind this post.

“Blogging”or capturing + cultivating our lifestyle (as I call it) has been a long interest of mine. I always thought there was criteria I didn’t have. One big reservation was being placed in a box or limiting my audience based on my content. One goal is to not be just a  “mommy blog” although that is a huge part of my identity now. Slowly but surely I am arriving at a space where I can distinguish Ajhana from Mama. And it feels good.

I am one to give props when they’re due. Always. With that being said, the subtle full moon in Sagittarius has led me here. This particular full moon seems to draw me inward. To self. To those wanted things left undone. To bring light to passions. Truths. Taanaz, creator of “Forever Conscious” (link provided below) describes this full moon to be, “lighting up our buried desires, our passions and what we have truly been seeking in our lives.”

So I’m here. giving this shot. Blogging may or may not be that burning desire. But expression and connections most certainly are. Those are two components I will always present in my blog. Because they are patented in my lifestyle. Ending here in hopes of keeping this short + simple.



Personal Instagram- http://www.instagram.com/Majestic.ma

Personal Twitter – http://www.Twitter.com/Ajhana

All photos captured by the talented Anthony Williams:

Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/AntWilliamsphotography

Taanaz-Forver Concsious:

Intuitive Astrology: April Full Moon 2016


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