Earth Day continues…

Who’d thought we’d meet again so soon. Eye thought Eye should get to know Word press much sooner than later. Anyways, Aziyah (my pre queen) and I felt this post had urgent written all on it. After charging from Friday’s full moon, baby girl and I woke up Saturday morning feeling replenished and ready to conquer the world. And our mission today was volunteer work. In our own city, with real people, helping aid real problems.

Quick Fact: In 2015 the World Bank updated the international poverty line to 1.90 U.S dollars a day.


Shot by Pen


Gracefully, I was able to do that and then some.  The vibrant people over at  “The City Eats”,  “Regulars Only” and friends hosted a great Earth Day Clean up that Zy + I were able to attend. And if you’re anything like me vibrant isn’t a word used loosely.  Let’s just say this community [tribe] gathering expressed the greatest vibes. Its extremely refreshing to  see this in Oakland. Lets shed a bit of light on these unique organizations.

“The City Eats” is a organization dedicated to unifying the city through feeding the inner city homeless (link provided below).  Once we arrived we were instantly greeted with love by Bianca,  of The City Eats. She definitely set the tone for this wonderful organization. Good energy from the very start is what we all crave right? I thought so. Anyways, the group was just about done bagging up lunches to be distributed to the homeless in West Oakland.

Cleanup, repainting light poles, and food distribution was next on the agenda with a eager group of sisters and brothers. With Zy in our baby k’tan carrier (side baby wearing MOMnote: our ergo carrier would have been the correct choice for this job but it was left in baba’s car🙄) we hit the streets. Bummed I didn’t capture the rare baby wearing mom cleaning the sides of the road, i was focused on the bigger cause and not the blog. But note, it was a sight to see. No excuses in my book. Baby on my chest + all. Exposing our daughter to organic community connections is a must. It is never to early to teach your child to give back and make a difference. They’re like a sponge’s waiting to absorb all that juicy goodness you’re willing to give. Plus, seeing the smiles on the faces of those we crossed paths with after Zy greeted them will a smile + meal is priceless.

The event was hosted at the Infamous #RegularsOnly yard. Known for amazing vibes, old school type house parties, and much much more. When you see that hashtag #GOALS😍, floating around they need to be referring to this particular yard. Because it is just that. GOALS af! The space is made up of adjacent neighbors backyards open up to one another. Coming together on solid grounds of building + bettering. Vice magazine calls it “an institution built on understanding.” What better way to have it? A stage and DJ booth in one yard. Fresh produce garden and chicken coop in the others. To a beautiful deck with hammocks, and a sweet Rottweiler named “Rocky” this group knows a thing or two about collective work and unity. I’m blessed to have recently met + friended Pen, of Regulars Only. An amazing soul and creative journalist. Also the owner of the of the pictures you see above in this post. His Instagram link is provided below also. Thank me later.


In conclusion, I genuinely thrive off of organic settings. Especially when there is organic energy and some of that organic Ra (sunshine). Opportunities like these keep the community flourishing. They also leave me second guessing whether or not to relocate to another state. The Bay Area community, Oakland to be specific has wonderful foundation, once you guide yourself to it. Culture and connections are endless. I low-key feel we could give Zy everything she’d need here. (Except affordable housing but I’ll plead the fifth on that subject for now). I appreciate each one of the organizations associated with the organic movement of spreading Love and Light. All ways. Always.




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