Coastin’ ; Big Sur

Hello beautiful people,

About a month since my last post. Still a rookie, so I’m cutting myself some slack. I don’t have any goals to how many posts i’d like to post per week/month. Haven’t made it there yet. In due time.

A few weeks ago, my tribe decided to spontaneously pack up the car and take a drive down the coast to Big Sur. One of the most scenic drives in Cali. Simply beautiful! Super relaxed road trip if you plan it for the right times. We thought the two and a half hour drive might be a bit trying for us with little Miss Zy in attendance but, she did very well. (Lots of snacks, toys, and baby Einstein)

I personally love the luscious greenery of Santa Cruz. The light day fog that settles in Monterrey always places me at a state of peace. And I didn’t even mind the long windy roads (which can quickly cause car sickness) through the mountains. All in all highway 1 holds some magical views.

With so many ideal destinations in Big Sur, it was difficult for us to choose just one to spend our day at. Hidden in the Los Padres National Forest was the most beautiful beach we’ve ever stepped foot on. And when I say “hidden” I mean HIDDEN! We needed GPS just to guide us to the parking lot. From the highway, it was about a two and a half mile drive on a narrow road through the Forrest to reach the payment booth.

Despite the secluded location, it was quite crowded. Minutes before we stepped out of the car the sun broke the fog and those clear blue skies joined in. It was the perfect time to experience this perfect place. A short walk down the sandy trail led to a very shallow stream of water. I had no problem walking through it, though you could easily jump over it. Alas, the breath taking view was here.


Without hesitation i grabbed Zy, kicked off our shoes and ran towards the water. We were greeted with smiles by friendly guests and their service dog at the shore. After letting our toes get emerged in the sand and get cleaned by the waves multiple times, we went to sit and play in the sand. For a short moment I forgot we were in California. All of the serenity. All for me. image

After some fun sand time we explored the rest of the beach. We noticed two (bomb ass) women climbing these stunning orange rocks. We later passed them by on our way out where I asked if that was an entry level rock climb? They said it sure was and that it was very easy. If I’m ever feeling that adventurous I’ll know where to start. There was a small cave in between the rocks where the water would splash up against so fiercely with every wave. It was amazing! image

In addition to all the beauty stated above, there was purple sand! My toes were able to sink into purple sand. That’s big. Can we say bucket list? The purplish color in the sand is said to come from the almandine garnets that dissolve from the cliff when it rains. Beyond thankful for having someone as talented as my love Anthony to be able to capture Mother Earths beautiful soul in this form. (Link to his Instagram below)


I hope with summer approaching you all will get to experience some amazing destinations. Even if it’s in your own city or state. If you are looking for a getaway, hidden gems, and breath taking views all in one Big Sur, California will not disappoint.




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