First year around the sun.

Greetings Royals,

It has been a bit busy around here lately. Like to the point where even sitting at the computer for thirty+ minutes to type some s___ has been quite difficult. But you know what they say, “You find time for the things you truly want to do.” So i did.

I’m a year into this thing called  motherhood.


Repeating that in my head a couple times sends me all the way into my feelings. It’s like… you receive confirmation that you are pregnant. Carry that growing seed for what feels like two years. And that squirmy newborn transforms into a moving toddler in like 3 months.

Right before our eyes!


My world has transformed tremendously in a very short period of time. I have gained so much love and light. I have struggled with the unlimited changes parenthood brings. I have given out thousands of kisses in the last 371 days. I have passed my most complicated test thus far.  (This is the point where i give props to Zy’s wonderful father + man behind the lens because, no way could i have done this alone.)

She’s celebrated all year long!


Love circulates daily in our household. But we treated Zy with an amazing D.I.Y photoshoot for her first birthday (she’ll thank us later.) My vision of her first birthday photos were well executed.

Super proud of my tribe, shout out to us.


Here are five tips on creating a successful and affordable photoshoot (without a studio) for your infant/toddler:



  1. Select a beautiful (+ free) location
  2. Plan the shoot accordingly (e.g right after naptime)
  3. Collect as many used or discounted props as possible
  4. You’re badass, make your own smash cake (naked cakes are great for beginners; including myself)
  5. Get a little animated and crazy, make things enjoyable for your little one (bubbles always come in handy)





Eye hope the next time you’re in need of some creative photos you don’t hesitate on doing it yourself.

Happy Summer Solstice.




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