Furaha aka Happy


The celebrations are over in our household for now. Cus you know One year olds celebrate all month long. But that does not mean the fun has slowed down whatsoever. That’s the beauty of summer, the list of potential things to do are endless. The sun’s rays create positive frequency waves that we should all be on.


Zy and her God mommy

One thing I remember about summer growing up is our annual trips to the County Fair. It was something my sister and i looked forward to each year. Coincidentally, it was a tradition in my lovers household also. We could of been waiting in line to ride the same ferris wheel  and not even know twenty years later that we’d be together. So to say we were excited to begin this tradition with our daughter would be an understatement. And to have her Gmommy + family in attendance makes it even sweeter.


I don’t think I ever truly noticed the extensive list of things that go on at the fair. Of course everyone goes for the main attractions. In this case, the rides or horse races (which we missed). You’d also enjoy the magic shows, petting zoo, wine gardens, live performances, demonstrations, scavenger hunts, motocross,  photo booths, etc.

 But the thing that gets me is the Foods. The many arrays of mouth watering, cheat day, junk food or whatever you’d like to call it. The temptation is real. Being that I have recently chose to cut meat out of my diet, my options were not limited. For that I am thankful.


Deep fry just about anything and you’ve got yourself a winner. Smoother anything and you’ll make it work. Throw it on the grill and the flavors burst. You literally can’t go wrong. I had to choose wisely being that my daughter acts like she has to taste test every food I choose to eat. The traditional, crisp, fluffy funnel cake topped with strawberries, whipped cream, and powdered sugar was the perfect choice.


We also indulged in a huge portion of greasy curly fries, fresh squeezed watermelon lemonade, and battered fish tacos plate (not pictured). It’s said we should consume everything in moderation,  but i feel i could pay the fair a visit each week for the food alone. Thankfully, that’s not an option.


The way my nerves are set up, i choose to pass on many of the rides. Except the swing. I get some sweet nostalgia on that ride. Freedom. For those few minutes of the ride, i do feel free. Not apart of the tyranny here; earthside. Not fulfilled with the obligations of being a woman, and now a mother. Not focused on the injustices of my brothers and sisters. I can put aside the economical issues. For a brief moment a piece of serenity enters. Who’d thought fairs would give you all the feels.


At a time where so much negativity exist in the world, being able to find joyful and spiritual outlets in any and everything is a gift. Whether it is a pleasant compliment from a stranger at the farmers market. Or a brief meditation moment on a cramped airplane. Being able to enter into happiness and remain there no matter the setting, that’s what I’m choosing to document. The beautiful journey of a happy living by choice. Declaring it over your life.

The brightly lit County fairs Brings me happiness. Little miss Zy enjoyed the light show as well. I think that may of been her favorite part. (Since she ran away from the magic show three times.) She was so intrigued as we watched everyone enter the rides. As they took off, her eyes did not leave the quick and crazy movements and flashing lights. I enjoy soaking in her first experiences.


I hope you are creating enjoyable memories this summer. I hope you are deserving of some comfort food (in moderation). I hope you are carrying on traditions. I hope you are embracing the strangers as your brother or sister. I hope we all can heal. I hope you are enforcing happiness. I hope nothing but the best for you.




From L-R: Brielle, Jason, Zy, Alese, Anthony (Author not pictured)


Personal instagram: www.instagram.com/majestic.ma

Photos captured by: www.instagram.com/antwilliamsphotography

Furaha means happy in Swahili


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