Does Ra(sun) not love your brown skin wholeheartedly?

You  must learn to do the same.


Were you not born to soar?

To rise above all obstacles presented.


Are you not King?

The one descendant from royal blood.


Are you not worthy?

 After being created in divine imagine.

For 500 + years we have not been able to heal. Our very own existence has not been able to heal a very deep wound. Layers and layers of inhumane treatment, miseducation, and tyranny. We as in the African diaspora. Or any diaspora for that matter. Although the pain is universal, we are all one.

It has saddened me that something so powerful such as a name has become nothing more than an ongoing hashtag. These hashtags are growing at alarming rates. Leaving bodies breathless, families broken, and reasoning barely there. The disgusting reality of police brutality.

With decades of oppression, the “black” agenda is still very unclear. I myself do not hold all the answers but i have a great refrence to get US in the right direction. The Black Panthers Powerful Ten-Point Program sourced from Huey P. Newton book, “War Against the Panthers.”

  1.  We Want Freedom. We Want Power To Determine
    The Destiny Of Our Black Community.
  2. We Want Full Employment For Our People.
  3. We Want An End To The Robbery
    By The Capitalists Of Our Black Community.
  4. We Want Decent Housing Fit For The Shelter Of Human Beings.
  5. We Want Education For Our People That Exposes
    The True Nature Of This Decadent American Society.
    We Want Education That Teaches Us Our True History
    And Our Role In The Present-Day Society.
  6. We Want All Black Men To Be Exempt From Military Service.
  7. We Want An Immediate End To
    Police Brutality And Murder Of Black People.
  8. We Want Freedom For All Black Men
    Held In Federal, State, County And City Prisons And Jails.
  9. We Want All Black People When Brought To Trial To Be Tried In
    Court By A Jury Of Their Peer Group Or People From Their Black
    Communities, As Defined By The Constitution Of The United States.
  10. We Want Land, Bread, Housing, Education,
    Clothing, Justice And Peace.

Again, unfortunately i do not hold all the answers but collectively we can develop the next steps. If we can begin to economically re-develop our communities we’re off to a great start. We must love, support, and unite.Although our problems are much much deeper than police brutality, no more lives shall be taken by the corrupt law enforcement.




The East Bay Express cover 6.13.2016









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