Knowland Zoo: Oakland, California

Peace cool kids,

(Yes! If you’ve taken time to check out this short + sweet post YOU are just that cool.)

So papa bear randomly had five days off last week and decided we would take a spontaneous trip to the zoo. Since the mini hasn’t marked that off her tiny bucket list yet, we thought it’d be perfect. It was!


Little miss 14 month old is evolving daily. Running, signing and swimming are her favorites right along with animals. She absolutely loves them! May be more than certain humans.(Just like her ma!) Like stop in her tracks everywhere type of love. From the ducks at the lake, to the cats at the SPCA, to even the beautiful butterfly at the end of Eric Carl’s famous book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” she’s head over heels. From a very young age, she has been lightly exposed to the family dog Simba. Im sure thats where the love began. How could you not fall in love with all this cuteness?


Tribe enjoyed a special bonding time at Oakland Zoo aka Knowland Zoo. I refer to it as “Knowland Zoo” because it is located in the beautiful Knowland Park, which has been greatly threatened by East Bay’s Zoological Society. Lots of bad things for Knowland State Park in return for lots of good things for Oakland Zoo and affiliates.  The troublesome part of the operation is that glorious space such as a state park is being taken from our “urban community” (as the city labels it). I’m somewhere on the fence on this one. I do believe sacred space(s) (hundreds of trees) shall remain just that.


Anyway, both of us grew up coming to this zoo and i actually had the pleasure of celebrating my third earthday here. (More nostalgia at its finest.) It fills my heart when i am able to share moments i had with my parents, with my daughter. Especially when we don’t even have to leave town for those moments. All this magic here in the Bay, relocating is difficult.

It seemed as if every different species we encountered were photoready. Seriously, are they trained models? Whatever the case may be, they make excellent muses. had zero problems capturing the beautiful animal kingdom. (Peep the website!) This trip has me taking steps towards being able to celebrate Zy’s 5th birthday with an actual Safari in Botswana, Africa. Amazing i know! The art of manifestation is real!

Obviously the animals were the highlight of the trip for Zy. But the gondola ride was my favorite part! Any action that places a sense of freedom in your soul is good with me. Being able to see a birds eye view of the zoo was amazing. We were all overcome with a sense of ease being in the air. Looking out over the bay (in this case knowland park) is one of the most rewarding views. I could stay here for hours. Feels as if we were meant to be here. Sky high. No worries.


As always sending you all blessings,



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