What is Black History?

One must ask, what exactly is black history month? How does this month truly affect blacks or any person of color? What was taught in grade school? What was not taught? Why is it only a month? Why does it take place in the shortest month of the year? And my greatest question, why have we not transformed this month into a lifestyle?

Is this simply a month to discuss all the horrendous torture that our people endured during the African Holocaust? And how our divine human design overcame slavery (and still are). Because that might be all I ever learned growing up. Is it a month to discuss our powerful ancestors who played a huge part during slavery? People like Queen Harriet Tubman but never bringing to light King Toussaint Ouverture. And definitely never mentioning our royal lineage, Mansa Musa. Interesting. But that is merely only the beginning.

Maybe it’s a month to deny the fact that POC are still at war with the oppressor. Or how we are victimized daily by a so-called system that was never designed for us. Or that Willie Lynch has us divided. And we all know, the 13th amendment abolished slavery in 1885, so get over it. (Ava Duvernay’s 13th is a must see http://www.avaduvernay.com/13th/.)  Although we are slowly starting to become awakened, conscious unity is the true goal.

Or might it be a time to reflect on the fact that many of those of the African Diaspora still carry the slave masters last names or last names that lead to dead ends. What type of identity is that? Maybe share that we have been in The Americas (and everywhere else in that case) long before any European “discoverers”.

Can it at least be a month where we Overstand that slavery was interrupted African history. The eldest bones were found on the continent of Africa in present day Ethiopia. That there is royal blood in each one of us, it is in our DNA. Earliest forms of colleges and education were founded by us. We are the original medicine women. Moorish people have reigned. There is absolutely no denying that pretty much everything has come out of ancient Kemet.

I must give homage to Brother Carte G. Woodson, a historian, author, and journalist in the early 1900’s. He created “Negro History Week” in February [respecting Frederick Douglass + Abraham Lincoln’s birthday) because as we all know our true Nubian history does not get the credit it well deserves! The recognition week was accepted and extended to a month.

All I know for sure, is we cannot keep pigeonholing something so sacred into a month. It is our culture. Our lineage. Our existence. We must know and spread our own history to our children and their children. I vowed to raise my daughter to know, recognize, and respect Black history at all times. Allow this lifestyle to flow freely daily.


Photo via pintrest



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