Manifestation Mondays 

Happy Monday,

Hope you all absorbed the epic full moon X eclipse weekend vibes. Today starts my “Manifest That Shit Monday’s” series. Bi-weekly posts dedicated to MANIFESTATION! My absolute favorite word & work.

The profound art of manifestation can be quite simple. Websters defines manifest as:  “readily perceived by the senses and especially by the sense of sight”. So basically, if you want it, you can have it. Speak to it as if it already exists, and you are inviting it into your life. And watch it appear. That’s if it is for you. Certain things we long for may never reach the surface because it was never meant for us to have. Simple. (Kinda)

It’s vital that we remain patient and positive in the process. Over standing that the universe it working in our favor and not against. As long as we continue to be luminous beings, light will always enter. I’ve created a unique system to constantly be reminded of my power. Write down each affirmation and place them 5 different places you’ll encounter during your week. I like to place mine on the fridge, the steering wheel of my car, any mirror in my apartment, my purse (more like diaper bag these days), and as an alarm on my cell phone. Of course the most dominant one receives the daily alarm privilege. Feel free to customize these affirmations as you see fit and start on your dynamic journey to manifestation. Here are 5 affirmations I live by…

1. I magnify my existence!

2. I invite peace, joy, and creativity into my life abundantly!

3. I fill myself with love so fear can not exist. 

4. I embrace the trials of today with ease!

5. I communicate all things in the healthiest way!





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