9 tips on making 90! #ManifestaionMondays

Greetings lovelies,

Last month my family and I were extremely blessed to be able to celebrate my Great-grandmother’s 90th birthday! This queen has circled the sun 90 time! And she was able to do it in good health, mind, and body. How amazing does that sound? Living a lively journey earth-side for almost a century! Words do not exist to explain the admiration I hold for her.

Thankfully, I have always been very close to my great-grandmother. She has played a huge role in raising me into the phenomenal woman i am today. As well as eight other beautiful women in our family. She is still in disbelief that she is earth-side witnessing me raising my daughter (her Great-great granddaughter). They have also created a special bond that makes my heart melt! I asked Nana (pronounced; Nay-Nay) to document any tips or advice she has for anyone looking to see their 90th birthday.

Here are her 9 tips on making it to see 90:

  1.  Acknowledge God (or a higher power) as the head of your life!
  2. Do not ever let addiction control you! (Smoking, drinking, etc.)
  3. Be content with what you have, even though you may suffer! Light is coming.
  4. Treat people the way you would like to be treated. Karma is a universal law!
  5. Exercise your body as much as you can for a long as you can!
  6. Just as important, exercise the MIND! Take walks in nature, play brain games, meditate. (Nana’s favorite brain games are Bop It + Puzzle Solitaire.)
  7. Never choose to hold a grudge. Not holding grudges will set your soul + spirit free!
  8. Be mindful in the company you keep! The devil works in mysterious ways!
  9. Keep some enlightening books around at all times! (Nana highly enjoys the bible.)

There is one last tip i’d like to personally add. TRAVEL, TRAVEL,TRAVEL! Take time away from the everyday life. Experience a culture other than your own. Unfortunately,  my great-grandmother hasn’t been able to experience this joy yet. She took her first flight last year, so she is proof that its never too late!

Both she and I are sending you our blessings,





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