Spring Equinox: 4 ways to cleanse more than the just the home

Happy Spring (Vernal Equinox) lovelies,

Still in shock that spring is here.  And although the rain is on its way to the bay, the season for blooming has arrived. It’s ritual for me to cleanse as many areas of my life as I can for this season to bloom abundantly. We all know the widely used expression “Spring Cleaning”. What if we applied that to more than just the home?

I’ll share four ways I cleanse for this beautiful season…
1. Start with the basics; cleaning the home. This one may take a few days, but take your time and don’t overwhelm yourself. Assign certain parts of the house to certain days, ask the kids to help out (incentives work best), and if you’re questioning if you should keep it – let it go! I’m the type of person who “spring cleans” all throughout the year, constantly donating things that are no longer useful and rearranging to keep the energy flowing. 

 I usually start out in the bedroom. I thoroughly sort through clothes, accessories, shoes, and body care products. Donating the items is my #1 priority. Whether it’s to a thrift store or local shelter, i’m all about the RRR (reduce, reuse, recycle). There are plenty of people that are in need of your goods.  

2. Post cleaning i LOVE smudging with sage and palo santo! Smudging with sage is an ancient Native American ritual. And smudging with palo santo is a ritual originating from South America. Smudging  can release negative energies, allowing positivity to flow throughout the home or space. This ritual can be done at any time just remember to respect the spiritual connection of the ceremony. 

Be conscious of smudging in a ventilated space (open the door or window). Light either and  blow out the flame placing it in a bowl. Let the smoke fill the room while asking the universe (higher power) to purify your space. I purchase my sage and palo santo at our local flea market, but you can get them from many botanicas, grocery stores, or online shops. 

3. Cleansing from the inside out is vital. I’ve been on a healthier lifestyle journey for a while and i try to improve it daily. I would recommend starting in your own kitchen. Prepare yourself for the change so when you’re ready to get in the kitchen you’ll have the things you need. 

Go through your freezer, fridge, and pantry throwing out any  items that dont comply with your goal. Invest in a useful cookbook. Or do as i do, and save a bunch of pins via pintrest. Implementing green drinks for breakfast, infused waters at lunch, and increasing your veggie intake at dinner is a great way to start. 

4. Lastly, i don’t know about you but i overdo it with screen time these days. I unlock my phone to reply to a text or check one thing and forty minutes later i’m scrolling down those endless timelines. The mini’s is already limited on screen time so why not limit myself also?  It’s not like i have twenty other things i could be tending to.

Recently i downloaded the “Moment” app compatible with iphone and ipad. It automatically tracks how much you use your phone daily. My goal is to cut down my use by half. There are many things i have set to accomplish this year (publishing my first book). And by consciously devoting my time to useful matters i am one step closer. 

My wish for you is that you cleanse as need be. Do not stop with Spring cleaning. Remove toxins, people, and negativity constantly. Overstand that part of your evolution is cleansing.  Evolve baby. Evolve!


As always. Blessings,



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