Manifestation Mondays – 5 Affirmations inspired by my daughter.

In honor of Mother’s Day I felt the urge to share with you a few daily affirmations i say to my daughter. And a few i have been keeping in a journal since she was in the womb. Although she is only two years young, and barely voicing broken sentences, i do advocate in developing confidence as early as possible. Affirmations help with the early stages of self-love. Imagine the life we are creating for our children by teaching them to accept, embrace, and love themselves.

  1. I am me! No one can ever take that from me!
  2. I am evolving energy!
  3. You are what the dreamers dream of!
  4. I am genius!
  5. The universe got you!


My objective for many of my posts are to encourage you to incorporate some well deserved self care into your life as well as the mini’s!