Blessings you beautiful soul,

You are not reading this by mistake. (Even if you leave after the blessings greeting at least you received that much.) I’ve curated Majestic Ma mostly out of curiosity.Inspired by a lot of  what if’s. What if i exist on this planet in true peace, love, and enlightenment? What if i document it along the way? What if i can share a portion of my magical motherhood. What if i could use this tool to connect to the other magical mothers. And fathers. And those who aren’t on that journey (yet) but on other thirdeyemissions. What if i have archives of the domestic and international (soon to come) travels with my tribe. What if i can prepare a meal so pintrest worthy others would want to create it? What if i can plant the seeds for the future to grow abundantly? What if you can too? What if …?